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Emerald True Care provides high quality health care services at the comfort of patient’s home. Emerald True Care was founded by RN. Dashni, a registered nurse with more than 10 years of experience in government and private mainly in pediatric care (children), wound care, confinement and to name a few. The main aim of Emerald True Care is to provide affordable healthcare services with utmost compassion and professionalism for everyone.

    RN.Dashni (CCWC)
    Founder of Emerald True Care
    Registered Nurse (Reg.No:73802) with MNA since 2009
    Diploma in Nursing
    B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing


Pediatric Care

(Children Care)

Wound Care

Modern Dressing - Diabetic foot, surgical wounds and burns

Stomp Care

Colostomy, Urostomy and Tracheotomy

Customized Confinement Care

Modern and traditional baby & mother care, pre natal and post natal

Geriatric Care

Elderly Care

Oncology Care


Insertion and Changing

N/g tube, Urine Catheter

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A medical physician will be available for home visit and consultation upon request terms and conditions applied. Charges will be according to case terms and conditions applied.

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